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If you are looking for images that compliment your work, we can help.

Our ability to capture the overall beauty of your project has well as the fine detail and workmanship is what makes us successful. 

Whether shooting a pool landscape from the air or showing the artistic work of your interior design project you’ll love the results.

Arial Photography & Video.    Our experienced, and TSA compliant pilot can capture your home from the air in both video and still photography.

Image Enhancements.   As with Real Estate photography, all of our images are professionally edited to ensure accurate colour, brightness and sharpness.   Our post processing focuses on making every picture of your project look perfect while keeping the image looking realistic and no Photoshopped.


Commercial Photography

Whether you are looking to freshen up your website or working on a new advertising campaign, PREP Solutions is dedicated to providing you with stunning imagery to get your message out.

When it comes to online imagery, it is not so much about having pictures as it is about making sure those pictures give your visitors a sense of texture, size, scale, detail, context and brand.

We understand that your business and productivity is critical and will work with your schedule to ensure that capture the best images all the while minimizing the impact on your day to day operations.

We have photographed warehouse at 3AM and dental offices on weekends to make that happen.

Stock or Original Image? - Cost vs Value

When looking at updating online pictures or building a new advertising campaign it is only natural to consider the stock image photography option.  The images are relatively inexpensive and generally are of decent quality.

The problem with stock images is that you do not have exclusive use.   Multiple other companies or worse, your competitors may be using the same image.  Here is a popular case from 2004 of multiple companies using the same few images of the same girl – The Everywhere Girl

The value of original pictures can be measured in the message and image you want to present to your clients.

Your vision vs someone else’s – We focus on what you want to portray in your images.

Original vs same old, same old – Our original pictures allow your clients to see what makes your business unique, something they may have never seen before.   Not a generic picture of a warehouse, lab or office space.

The perfect picture vs good enough – We won’t stop until we have the perfect picture for your website or marketing campaign.


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